European Finance Association

48th Annual Meeting

Virtual from Milan, Italy 25-27 August 2021


The 48th EFA Annual Meeting is organized by Bocconi University, Milan (Italy), on August 25-27, 2021.

Bocconi is a research university of international standing in business, economics, and law. Its research projects are funded by national and supranational institutions. By virtue of being a major node in the European and global network of business and economics universities, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with like-minded universities and business schools worldwide. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors.


Bocconi University has an Undergraduate School, a Graduate School, a School of Law and a PhD SchoolSDA Bocconi School of Management, founded in 1971, administers the post-degree experience management education.

Bocconi grants Bachelor, Master of Science, and PhD degrees in Management, Economics, Law and other disciplines. It also offers a number of post-degree experience programs, and administers hundreds of advanced courses to managers and professionals in all realms of private and public management.

The Department of Finance of Bocconi University pursues excellence in teaching and research in all subfields of finance including corporate finance, asset pricing, financial intermediation, financial econometrics, risk management, empirical analysis of capital markets, behavioural finance, portfolio analysis, derivatives pricing and market microstructure.

The Department also promotes actively research at the interface between finance, economics, accounting and decision theory. It is closely associated with the research centers IGIER and CAREFIN to promote a stimulating environment for research and learning on par with the international excellence standard.